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The Mobile Marksman would like to acknowledge all involved in helping me put this website together: Susan MacNeal, Michael Miller, Jerry Gilligan, Joyce Gardiner Filatreau, John Watson and Ed Meyers for technical and conceptual input.  The Mobile Marksman is definitely not the Mobile Websiteman and couldn't have done it on his own!

Photos: Images of Kacie Worth, Jack Miller, Patricia Miller, Ken Ryder, Emily Lambert, Kate Serb, Paul Harriss, Peter Zanger, Marianne Vanasupa, Mitchell Vanasupa, Ted Vanasupa, LoriAnn Gunn, Bill Creighton, Robert Carter, Brian Mathews, Tracy Park, Jared Catalano, Jeff Catalano, Leo Ortiz, Denise Rodd, Robert Rodd JR. Jonathan Fouche, Anna Konyukhova, Adarsha Shivakumar, Melody Antonio, Tayna Harbert, Stephen Wang, Bram & Erin Svoboda, Christian Baudry, Carl Hamman, George Meyers, Vanessa Brust and Russ Miller.

Note: The images are taken during lessons, events and Mobile Marksman experiences - They are obviously not professionally taken (OK - Russ took them...).  They are included in this site to give an idea of the nature and spirit of the Mobile Marksman experience.  Images were approved by students and friends showcased in them. All images property of Mobile Marksman (with exception to FDR image).

And Thanks To:

My wife, Susan MacNeal for creating the Mobile Marksman name, concept and much more...Remember Susan, it is a historical collection...

My brother Mike Miller - the concretist, for your independent spirit, creativity and inspiration for taking the different path - There is no other path.

My mom, Barbara Miller who told me to stick to my guns and contributed my general kindness, patience and teaching genes!

My pop, Larry Miller "The Chief" for taking me hunting with him - They are some of my best memories.  Also for teaching me to find, acknowledge and enjoy the best in others.  And for my gift (?)of BS. Lucky students in NRA Basic Shotgun often get to use his 12 ga. Remington 870 Wingmaster purchased in 1971 and carried many miles by he and I.

Marksman Poem kindly loaned by: Kari Prager - Also for his tremendous support and encouragement - I'll teach each lesson extra well for you Kari! 

Bob Weaver @ Old West Gun Room for your encouragement and support of the Mobile Marksman concept.  Also for years of education and friendship.

Domenick  Vaticano @ Diamond Stoneworks - For the use of his showroom for my classroom - Thanks Dom!  If you need some amazing stone work contact Dom at:

Ron Kennedy @ Canyon Sports - Thanks for your support and the use of the "Can" Ron!

Bay Area Concretes - Mike Price - for our original Livermore classroom and your support from the beginning - Great Concrete Man, patriot and 2nd ammendment supporter.

Above: Mobile Marksman benefactor and original Classroom provider Mike Price - Screen Actor and Concrete Director.

Pete Zanger for your support, advice and wisdom.

Brian Mathews for assisting with my rifle course and many shooting adventures.

Melo for volunteering to be the Guinea Pig and unconditional support...

Winchell Gee , Marty Linninger & Kari Prager on the other side...

Uncle Jack for the hand grenade.

The NRA for defending our right to own firearms and promoting firearms safety.  Thanks for the great lesson plans.

And of course...My students!  Thanks gang - I appreciate your attention safe shooting habits and support - It is very gratifying to see you hit the target, time and time again...
 You make my work fun!

©2017  All rights reserved.

Above: Would you take a lesson from this guy?  Sure!  Why not?
Russ is always happy at the range!
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