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Yesterday I attended the NRA Basic Pistol Safety Course from Russ.  We were just two, which was perfect since I was a total beginner and I had a lot of questions.  Russ keeps his classes small - under 5 - and does not cancel if the number is lower.

The class was well organized and Russ has a great personality and is extremely knowledgeable.  It is a full day class.  We started at 9:00AM and finished at 7:00PM.

The first 6 hours were spent in the classroom explaining tons of things about revolvers, pistols, security, laws in California, etc.  We spent 2 hours at the range firing a target pistol (.22 caliber).  This is the part needed to pass the course.  Then he let us fire a .45 caliber and a 9mm.

As part of the class there is the NRA exam and the Handgun Safety Certificate (HSC) for an additional fee.  The Handgun Safety Certificate is needed to buy a handgun in California.  It is critical if you want to buy a handgun!

The atmosphere was great.  Not at all macho.  Highly recommended to men, women, and couples.  Great documantation.

Berkeley, CA
yelp* review 05/27/2012 *****

Look no further, Russ is the trainer for you! His depth of knowledge and years of experience are backed up by his guarantee that all your questions will be answered.  My wife and I took our first pistol training session with the Mobile Marksman and both of us left the session feeling competent and confident with our firearm.  He'll even come to your home and work one on one with you to cover all your needs.  all in all, Russ is a great guy, and I will definitely be training again with him in the future.  Five stars!

Abraham S
Oakland, CA
yelp* review 05/17/2012 *****

This guy is the GUY for firearms training.

Worked with Russ on an individual training course for the GF and me.  He arrived on time and conducted a thorough 3 hour training on gun safety, NRA training, pistol workings, shooting stance and suggestions for marksmanship.

We went to the range for some hands-on training.  We went through the range qualification process.  He went through the training with us and then allowed us to shoot a variety of hand-guns that he had brought.

Followed up by preparing custom-printed certificates - delivered again to our house.  Very nice guy - very professional and a good teacher.

g p.
Walnut Creek, CA
yelp review 03/12/2012 *****

I took the NRA Basic Metallic Reloading class with Russ in February 2012.  I had the best experience.  Russ made the process simple and was able to explain why things were done in a certain way.  Russ is a wealth of knowledge and yet put things in a language that anyone could understand.  His class gave me the knowledge to be able to start reloading right away.  To teach by telling you what to do is one thing, but the class also had a hands on portion that really builds your confidence in the process.  Russ was also able to pause and answer any questions that came up during the class.  He also makes himself available  afterwords for random questions long after class is over.  A great instructor with an approachable demeanor and the knowledge to share is a great combination for any subject.  I look forward to taking more classes with Russ and would recommend him without any reservations.

Drew B
Folsom, CA
yelp* review 03/082012 *****

Just finished a class with Russ and can't say enough good things.  He's well spoken, friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.  If you're a beginner or expert Russ can impart the knowledge you'll need to get better and get confident.

Jack J.
Oakland, CA
yelp* review 02/13/2012 *****

My wife, her sister, and I took the NRA Basic Pistol Safety Course from Russ.  The class is well organized and flexible for answering your questions on the operation, use and maintainance of a handgun.  My wife and her sister never handled a firearm before, but this course was perfect to help them get over any fears or concerns.  Russ is very outgoing and was the perfect choice for instructing my wife and her sister: he's got a great personality and gave them just the right amount of attention to build up their comfort level with guns.  My wife wanted to "chicken-out" the night before, but she showed up and did extremely well.  After we finished the classroom instruction and got to the range, she was ready and motivated to shoot the pistol.  She surprised me and her sister with the complete turnaround from the night before.  At the range she was the first person to raise her hand to fire the weapon.  I owe it all to Russ for this complete transforation: my wife and her sister are now eager to go buy their first handgun and do more time at the range to become proficient.  They even want to take Russ' Home Defense course.

6 hours is spent in the classroom going over everything a first timer would want to know, even someone with experience using firearms will not get bored and appreciate the course.  There is an NRA exam and Russ will procter the exam for the Handgun Safety Certificate (HSC) for an additional fee: this is essential if you are looking to take that first step toward owning a handgun in California.  There is approximately 2 hours spent at the range firing a target pistol (.22 cal) by the entire class.  Once you do well on a series of excercises and Russ is satisfied that you can handle a handgun, he will then congratulate you on passing the course.  Once all students have finished the class, he will let you fire a variety of handguns that you'll have seen throughout the class.  I took him up on his .45 caliber automatic pistol.  Plan on a full day, even without taking Russ up on his firing of other handguns.

The NRA exam is actually tougher than the exam for the HSC, but both are not difficult to pass.  If you pass, you get the certificates at the class (no waiting).  I advise anyone thinking about getting a handgun to take this course, it is for your own good.  Russ is the perfect instructor, especially if you're a woman and don't want some gorilla with a redneck attitude.

Michael F
Pleasant Hill, CA
Yelp* review 01/19/2012 *****

I'm a newbie for rifle.  I took Russ' FIRST Steps Rifle orientation.  All my comment is: "Great! Great! Great!".  If you look for a teacher about shooting, just go for Russ.  He not only taught me the knowledge and answered all my questions and also helped me work on my new rifle, very detailed and thoughtful.  I bet he is the best shooting teacher in the world!!!  I want to be his student forever!!!

Stephen Wong
Concord, CA
Yelp* review 01/01/2012 *****

I just completed the NRA's Basic Metallic Cartridge Reloading course today with Russ as the instructor.  Hands down, Russ is a phenominal teacher and his 30+ years of reloading experience added tremendous value.  Russ has a passion for teaching, especially about firearms: he is without question, a gun enthusiast's gun enthusiast and I am glad I met him and was in his class.

I did not know what to expect for the class and it more than met my expectations.  The class material is excellent, kudos to the NRA for making a great student guide.  The way Russ presented the material, would add his own real world experiences, and then let us get involved doing each step of the reloading process, and answered all our questions (with infectious passion about reloading) allowed me to learn and have a great time.  I walked away confident that I can reload, do each step safely, and produce ammunition that functions effectively.

As another student said, if I could give Russ 6 or more stars, I would!

Thank you Russ for being my instructor and teaching this class!

Julian E.
Santa Clara, CA
Yelp* review 12/04/2011 *****

I took the orientation courses for rifles, pistols and shotguns (half a day each), without having pretty much any experience whatsoever with real firearms (no, paintballing does not really count).

I was very impressed by the course Russ offered. Like the other two reviewers have mentioned, he's very, very knowledgeable and definitely made the program fun.  As someone who wants to get to know firearms better and to shoot more, I was very glad to have someone as skilled and as patient as Russ (seriously, it took me quite a while on the range to get used to the Remington 12 guage we were using, but Russ was patient and it finally clicked).

He definitely knows his stuff, and made sure that I was safe consistently in all my actions.

I recommend Russ to any beginners (as he's got great reviews for people who are more experienced), as he is a fantastic teacher.  If I could , I too would give 6 stars.

Adarsha S.
Pleasant Hill, CA
Yelp* review 7/28/2011 *****

I thoroughly loved the rifle class.  The range time, class time and talking to you was a  good learning experience.  Handling and using decades old equipment that was not only functional but also accurate (at least more accurate than me) was in itself interesting.

H. Sharma
Fremont, CA 4/26/2011

I took the NRA Basic Metallic Reloading Course with the Mobile Marksman and couldn't have been more pleased.  Russ was extremely knowledgeable and made the program fun.  It was very satisfying to progress through the technical basics to the hands-on elements and begin reloading in the class.  I left with the confidence I have the knowledge and experience to continue to reload safely and effectively on my own.

In fact, I felt so comfortable with Russ I hired the Mobile Marksman for a personal session with my wife.  She's a semi-experienced shooter who needed a little bit of expert help progressing to the next level.  She was equally impressed with Russ and really enjoyed the session.  She is now far more self-confident with her shooting skills and is enjoying the sport even more.

I offer my highest recommendation for his services.  You will not be dissapointed.

Bob R.
Santa Cruz, CA
Yelp* review 4/5/2011 *****

We asked Russ to give some pointers to our son who enjoys trap shooting.  Russ was great! He brought out a couple of extra shotguns so we could also benefit from the lesson.  He was very patient and encouraging at all times.  We would definitely recommend his services to anyone interested in any aspect of shooting.  He has a tremendous amount of knowledge!

Ted & Marianne Vanasupa
San Ramon, CA

I've known Russ for several years and have participated in many shooting outings with him.  His knowledge and skill with all types of firearms are top notch, from single-action .22 pistols through large caliber semiauto rifles.  Safety is always first on his mind.  His demeanor and instructional style can be described as patient, calming, yet fun-loving

Peter Zanger
Pleasanton, CA

As someone who hated guns...Russ made a believer out of me! His passion for the sport is infectious and you too will fall in love with it.  Russ is patient, communicates very clearly on technique and how to handle a gun.  He gets such joy in seeing you succeed and is a wonderful teacher!

Tanya Harbert
Discovery Bay, CA

A buddy of mine and I took the Basic Pistol Safety class with Russ a couple of months ago, and it was exceptional!  Russ was really responsive in tailoring the class to suit our backgrounds, and he gave us a lot of extra time and advice at the range while we tried different guns and decided on the best fit for us.

Beyond that, he's been really helpful to me personally while I've been working on returning my vintage rifle to service.

I would give him 6 stars if that was an option, and am looking forward to shooting with him at one of the area ranges when our schedules line up.  I don't know a better, more enthusiastic person to help you get into shooting or advance your skills

George H.
Berkeley, CA
Yelp Review 3/1/2011 *****

Russ Miller has been a critical key to the success of HomeAid Northern California's annual Trap Shoot Fund Raiser since this event started in 2002 - HomeAid has raised over 1M toward our shelter development program and the event draws more people every year!

People who encounter Russ are made to feel welcome and comfortable learning how to shoot for the first time.  In fact, a large number of new members of the Livermore Rod & Gun Club owe their interest in shooting as a sport to Russ Miller.  It gives women a sense of confidence to know that they can handle a firearm and hit a target!

Russ is passionate about shooting, passionate about safety and having fun.  We have never had an accident in 9 years and Russ has been a vital member of the HomeAid Sacramento Trap Shoot as well.  HomeAid is able to fulfill our vision to be a vital force against homelessness in part because of people like Russ.

Julie O'Connor
Executive Director
HomeAid Northern California

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