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Range Clothing - What To Wear At The Range

At the range it it always a good idea to wear closed-toe shoes and long pants that offer protection against the elements.  Please avoid tank tops, scooped tops or clothing that can capture empty brass cartridge casings (they are very hot!). Dress comfortably - A ball cap is good to have in the Pistol sessions.

With the popularity of semiautomatic firearms it is important to dress in such a manner that will prevent your or another's hot brass casings from falling down your shirt, down the back of your pants or inside your shoe - This stuff really happens every day and the ejected empty brass is really hot, and it really hurts.

If you are taking the NRA Rifle or Personal Protection In The Home Basic Courses you should make sure that you wear clothes that protect the elbows and knees as we'll be on the ground a bit.
Clothes may get dirty from soil, carbon, oil and grease.

If you have any questions regarding range clothing - Consult the Mobile Marksman -

Always wear eye and ear protection while at the range.


Above: Ready to shoot some trap.
Above: Paul wearing protective and supportive shooting jacket, shooting glove, hat, comfortable shoes hearing and eye protection.  Western Games - Phoenix, AZ.

Above: Three different types of shell holders - Russ with leather shell holder, George with shell and empty bag and Carl with shooting vest - Three different ways to do it!  All wear ear and eye protection as well as ball caps.

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