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You must practice!

Above: George swings on a clay at the range as Carl gets ready and Russ grabs a shell.  Practicing with you pals is a lot of fun!  These guys are great shots and inspire me to shoot better every time that I go to the range with them.

Once you've taken instruction from the Mobile Marksman you will be a competent and safe shooter with the type of firearm used in that course - You will however, need to periodically practice to grow and maintain your shooting skills.

It is imperative that you practice regularly with your personal defense, target and hunting firearms so that you are familiar with them and their operation becomes second-nature and natural to you. 

If you buy a new gun it is imperative that you practice in its safe operation and "break it in" to make sure that it functions reliably: Most firearms require a number of rounds fired through them to ensure reliable operation - Most home defense handguns require at least 200 rounds to minimally break them in so that you can count on their operation.

Above: Russ practicing prone position with SIG 556 rifle in the great outdoors at Zanger Ranch - More fun than at a range.  10 round California compliant magazine.

You must also fire the actual type of ammunition that use have chosen for home defense through your firearm to make sure that it feeds and functions reliably with it - Some types might not- You must check for this.

With handguns this includes practice firing with both your right AND left hands, and double-action fire with revolvers and DA semiautomatic pistols. 

Above: Mike practices with his .22 LR copy of the H&K MP5. 

One economical way to practice is to obtain a .22 Long Rifle caliber rifle, pistol or revolver to practice your marksmanship skills with - They are accurate, economical and fun to shoot. 

Choose one of an action type that is similar to the rifle/pistol that you shoot - Such as a Ruger .22/45 .22 LR pistol to go with a .45 ACP Colt 1911 pistol, or a Ruger 10/22 .22 LR rifle to go with an AR-15 .223 Rifle.

Above: Vintage .22 LR bolt action.  Note: Inletted diamond in stock - They don't make them like that anymore.  We're all poor now and shoot our .22 LR a lot more than we used to!

No matter which way you do it - Practice! Practice! Practice!

At a minimum, if you have a handgun, rifle, shotgun that you use for home defense - Take an annual "warm-up" lesson with the Mobile Marksman to make sure your firearm functions correctly and that you can use it effectively!

Above: Practicing - Family Style with Nick and Doug! This image not a Mobile Marksman course but of father and son spending some quality time together at the range.

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