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Women Shooters

Women Shooters

Women are some of the very best shooters out there!  

There are many types, shapes, sizes and calibers to suit you.  We need to discuss your needs to help with selecting the right one for you.

Above:  Anna fires very tight group from the sitting position with SIG 556 rifle.

Women can shoot most firearms as well if not better than any man.  Modern manufacturers now make many firearms suited to smaller-statured shooters (women and men)in a number of calibers.  Proper skills, knowledge and technique make it easier to cofortably fire the larger, more powerful guns as well. 

Once proper shooting skills are learned it makes it easier to pick the firearm that's best suited for you and your firearm needs - Target, sport, defense or collecting.

Above: Kate is busting clays from the 16 yard line with her 20 ga. Remington.

Your right to effective self defense is important to me - And if you chose to arm yourself with a firearm it would be an honor to help you be as safe, comfortable and effective as you can be with it: You will hit where you aim and you will be in complete control of your firearm.

There are books, magazines and forums specifically for women shooters - Please check my links. 

Above: Denise directs accurate fire from FN-9 pistol.

One thing that I've noticed on these forums is that many of the women shooters are shooting the.40 S&W or .45 Automatic: Large bore handguns, where the minimum caliber recommended for self-defense is .38 Special or 9mm Parabellum - So please don't just consider a "little gun" - Find one that suits your specific needs and is most comfortable to you.  It may be little or big.

Don't forget shotguns and rifles too!  They are really fun to shoot - Trap, Skeet & Sporting Clays - Plinking, hunting and target shooting

Additionally there is no age limit to begin shooting - Russ has worked with new shooters in their teens to their seventies.


Above: Anna fires a .22 LR target rifle from the prone position.  Anna is an independent woman and an excellent shot!

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