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BREAKING NEWS!!!! Women shoot well.

That's no news to me...That is my expectation

After doing this teaching thing for a while now I must say that women shoot very well on average and learn much more quickly than men.   Thank you for this as you make my job easier! 

I have seen really incredible groups shot on targets by women who had never even touched a firearm.  I am having a great time being a minor part in this - Keep it up!

Mobile Marksman

Above:  Mobile Marksman Training Cat Rocco and Training Glock Pistol

Women Shooters now have more choices and opportunities in the shooting world than ever: Firearms designed specifically for women, forums, gear, training and instructors who respect you and will listen and determine your specific needs.  Instructors that enjoy working with you and know that women are a very important, permanent and vibrant part of the shooting community. 

Mobile Marksman encourages and supports women's rights to responsible self defense, personal security and of course to have fun shooting!

Women are large participants of all Mobile Marksman courses, orientations and seminars - Most often women are 50%+ of our class makeup.  In addition to this, Mobile Marksman will be holding some women-only firearms instruction courses in the future.

Personal Protection, Target Shooting, Collecting and Hunting are all great reasons to get into shooting.  

Check out for NRA Women on Target information and events.

Empowered women, trained, knowledgeable and proficient in the use firearms can make better, more effective and informed decisions about Gun Safety and Children - She can protect them in a number of ways - From others through her own shooting skills, good judgement and confidence and from their own natural curiosity through save storage practices and education: An intelligent, loving and proactive approach...

If and when you think that they are ready, Mobile Marksman specializes in family firearms safety training as well.

Women also don't just shoot "little guns". Mobile Marksman can help you select an appropriate handgun for your personal needs: Women are shooting a wide range of firearms types, with different shapes, sizes and calibers. 

There are also a wide variety of handgun holsters, as well as purse holsters available for your use.

Most popular calibers of female Mobile Marksman students are currently 9mm, .38 Special and .45 ACPSemiautomatics are generally the most popular action type right now but revolvers still have their fans (Russ is one of them).  You can try both types and determine what is best for you.

Above: Deborah placed two close shots with the Glock 9mm.

Above: Katie fires the Ruger SP101 - Go Cal Bears!

Above: Annie enjoyed firing the Smith & Wesson M&P .45 ACP pistol.  She is not firing some "little gun", but a full sized, powerful combat pistol and she handled it quite well and shot very tight groups - Actually with everything that she tried.

Above: Dana fires her Ruger 10/22 in the rain at paper plate targets.  She was not deterred by the weather from shooting fun!  Her targets were centrally perforated...

Above: Dana shoots Russ' Ruger 10/22 - Her own 10/22 was better looking, but his 10/22 was waterproof!  Russ' wettest day on the range teaching so far but one of the most fun!

Above: Gabrielle fires Smith & Wesson M22A like a pro!  Wow! She can shoot!

Above: Not to be outdone by Gabrielle, Yvonne loads another magazine for the FN9P which she shot very, very well.

Above: Yvonne fires .22LR pistol - A very comfortable gun to start with - Low recoil and noise, but easy and accurate to shoot.

Above: Gaby fires 9mm Glock 19 pistol a safe, reliable and accurate pistol that she fired very accurately (see her image at the top of this page fired by a FN 9mm FNP pistol).

Above: Kerrin breaks clay target with Winchester 12 gauge Select double barrel shotgun.  HomeAid Trapshoot 2012 - A great charity that helps the temporarily homeless.  She smoked a number of targets that day.

Above: Kerrin reloads for her next target.  HomeAid Trapshoot Lincoln 2012.

Above: Katie rocks her pink shooting muffs - Russ stole them later.

Above: Russ will wear pink when necessary...

Above: Ear and eye protection is worn at the range for all lessons.

Above: Joan loads magazine in 9mm Glock 19 pistol.

Above: Joan with Russ during FIRST Steps range session.  Safety, great shooting and fun were achieved that day.

Above: Katie fires stainless steel S&W .357 Magnum revolver - Right into the center of the target!

Above: Joan fires 9mm Glock 19 pistol.  She opens a full-sized can at the range: A full-sized can of whup-ass!

Above: Melody spots the fall of shots for Russ at Vintage Long Range Silhouette Match.  Some shooting sports require teamwork and Melody is a great teammate.

Above: Patricia keeps her finger off the trigger of the Glock 19 9mm pistol until she's ready to shoot.

HomeAid Charity Trapshoot 2011: Women's team competes.

Above: Catherine fires from the prone position with a vintage Wichester Model 69 rifle - She shot very well in the Basic Rifle Course.

Above: Patricia fires the S&W M22A quite well.

Above:  LoriAnn Breaking clay pigeons at 16 yard trap.

Above: Denise has loaded her magazine and is preparing to shoot a nice group.  We had a great time at a remote range nestled in a grove of redwoods.

Above: Firing the FN9 pistol.

Above: 9mm FN9 pistol in full recoil.  Not too bad at all!  Shortly afterwards she moved on to the .45 ACP, which she fired very well.

Above: A thorn amongst the roses?  Robert occupying the "Manbench" while Denise shoots.  Much better than listening to the piano player at Nordstom's I'd say.  Shooting is something that couples can do together!    Note: Quite a marksman himself, shortly after this photo was taken Robert hit a stamp-sized target with Russ' .45 - First shot. 

Above: Kacie is having fun at the range shooting her 9mm SIG.  In addition to safety, accuracy and marksman attitude we make sure to have some fun!

Crystal is getting ready to shoot at her NRA Basic Pistol Course.  She passed in style!  She handled the .22 and 9mm pistols.

Above: Diana signed-up her family for a group lesson. I think that she had ulterior motives: She really was an exceptional shot and wanted to show off!  Here she is shooting a Smith & Wesson M22A pistol in .22 LR caliber.

Above:  Kate braved the elements to shoot as part of the FIRST Steps.  As expected she did great!

Above: Karla masters S&W M686 .357 Magnum revolver.  She was a force to be reckoned with firing the S&W 642 .38 Special snub-nosed revolver as well.

Above: Madeline breaks a clay from the fifth position on the trap range.

Anna fires a Romanian Cugir .22 LR rifle from the kneeling position as part of the NRA Basic Rifle Course.


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