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Milsurps - Milsurp?  What in the heck is a Milsurp?

Milsurp = Military Surplus Firearm

One of the fastest growing segments of the firearms market is the collecting and shooting of military surplus firearms.

These firearms are currently being imported from a number of foreign countries - There are also millions of rifles and pistols already here that have been brought back as souvenirs by our soldiers returning from combat over the years.  There was a period from the end of WW2 to 1968 that large quantities of surplus guns were brought in to the US for sale.

Additionally, The DCM (Director of Civilian Marksmanship) made US surplus rifles, carbines and pistols available to qualified civilians.  Now this function has been taken over by the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program).  This is a great way to get a US M1 Garand Rifle.

Millions upon Million of round of military surplus ammunition has been brought in as well.  This ammunition is often very reasonably priced and in good condition.  Most military calibers can be reloaded as well for those that like to "roll their own".

Many of these firearms were of the highest quality - Hand-fitted, well finished withing tight tolerances and rugged.  If the bore and muzzle is good and the action sound, they will usually shoot great! 

There are competitions out there that feature these rifles - Vintage Match, Axis & Allies, Garand Match, Carbine Match, Springfield Match, Swiss 300 yard Match and more.  Typically these matches are shot at 200 yards range.

Collecting, reloading-for and shooting these firearms is my favorite hobby - This is what I do for fun!  If you'd like to try Milsurp shooting please consider "A Day At The Range With Russ" - I have many original, interesting and collectable guns for you to experience - There is also history behind each one that we'll discuss.

If you have "Grandpa's Gun" in your closet collecting dust you might be missing a great shooting opportunity...

Please have all military surplus guns checked by a qualified gunsmith before firing.  They are rugged and built for years of use but many have been treated rough due to wartime service - Be safe!  Then you can have tons of fun!

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