Mobile Marksman

Personal Firearms Instruction

Who can take the course

Who Can Take Mobile Marksman Courses and Orientations?

Those that are legally allowed to purchase and handle a firearm as determined by federal and state law.

Students under 18 years of age require parental permission.

Below are listed items that disqualify one from taking our courses - No exceptions:

Convicted of Felony
Under Indictment of Felony
Dishonorable Discharge
Fugitive From Justice
Illegal Alien
Unlawful User of Controlled Substances
Adjudicated Mentally Defective
Committed to Mental Institution
Subject to a Restraining Order
Convicted of a Misdemeanor Crime of Domestic Violence
If you are Angry or Depressed

Note: If you are exceptionally angry or depressed whether clinically determined or not - Stay Away from firearms and do not handle them - Period.  Cool down or seek counceling - Tomorrow is another day... 

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