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Children and Gun Safety

Children and Gun Safety

Never leave an unattended firearm, ammunition, unloaded or loaded firearm around children!  Trigger locks, gun safes and proper education are very effective deterrents to firearms accidents in the home and field.

Children and Gun Safety is a topic of great responsibility that we must consider and act upon.  Most firearms accidents involving children come from parent's ignorance of proper gun safety and negligence in storage.

Children are naturally curious.

The NRA provides an excellent gun safety program for young children - the "Eddie Eagle" program.  This program revolves around training your children not to touch firearms, instruct others not to as well, leave the area and alert adults to their presence.

As a parent, it is your decision when, where, who and how to teach your children about guns and gun safety.  We do suggest however that proper firearm safety education such as the Eddie Eagle Program is the best solution to prevent accidents with children.  You can view the Eddie Eagle Program on the NRA's website: 


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